CAFM Data Generation

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CAFM Data Generation

CAD for FM services / IWMS Data Generation include:

  • Space inventory regarding personnel, furniture and equipment of a building
  • Room polylines from floor plans drawings linked to CAFM software
  • Material Management

In CAFM software, a building’s floor plan is integrated with a database of related information, including detailed data on employees, equipment and furniture in each office, storage room, meeting room and other spaces. If, for example, a specific type of chair needs to be replaced, the program can pinpoint the locations of that model throughout the building. Room polylines are drawn on floor plans drawings and linked to a CAFM software. They could carry valuable information about room names, areas, destination, occupancy etc. These attributes can easily be managed, edited or changed from a CAFM software and could provide reports on business occupancy, square meters, cost allocations, and other metrics, if required. Material management is very useful, for example, on floor renovation, where we can make reports for types, quantities, cost etc. of different materials.

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