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  • Detailed View Plan Drawings for installations according to technical specifications
  • Input data such as scanned paper or 2D CAD Drawings
  • Wide range of floor plan installation for sprinkler systems, office lighting, switches, electric wiring, HVAC heating, ventilating and air conditioning

Basic Drawing

  • Floor plan drawings using: paper sketches, scanned paper or 2D drawings, survey report using on site laser measurements
  • Layer structure – according to client specifications
  • Object representation – walls, doors, windows, equipment and other objects
  • Geometric correspondence between floor plans, sections and facades
  • Laser measurements based on the the on site building survey

Drawing Maintenance

  • Modify and update as built drawings
  • Re-layering entities according to European and International Standardization
  • Connecting as built drawings to database of Archibus and other CAFM software
  • Drawing conversions from AutoCAD® to a wide range of software
  • Polylines drawing according to NEN 2580 and BOMA Standard

Fire Escape Plans

  • Fire escape plans showing all fire safety equipment, assembly areas and evacuation points
  • Emergency evacuation plans
  • Input data: scanned documents or drawings with architectural data and fire symbols location; output data: 2D/3D Drawings plans or Adobe® PDF file

Point Cloud to 2D/3D Model

  • 2D/3D processing clouds of points using paper scans(2D as built drawings), pictures, Google Street View
  • Revit BIM 3D, display and manipulation of the digitized structure
  • Longitudinal profiles or 2D plan views for any elevation required

Processing point clouds allows us to create 2D/3D drawings of building facades or large site plan areas with all components displayed. This method uses laser scanners, which acquire thousands of points over the field of view in a very short period of time. When several scans are merged, the resulting 3D point cloud gives a detailed, usable 3D model of the object’s surface.

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