Move Management

Companies face serious challenges during headquarter relocation. That’s why Vegra designed special solutions to support companies in the relocation process to save time, effort and money. Vegra takes care of all the challenges coming from office movement: it helps clients choose the right building, provides condition assessment services if necessary, plans the space according to company specific needs and supervises the entire implementation process. In other words, based on experience and using well defined procedures, Vegra makes sure that everything is in place, ready to be used, better, faster and cheaper.

Our Move Management services include:

  • Complete relocation services, multilateral, from beginning to the end of the process
  • Safety from the first step, up to the complete office arrangement in the new location
  • Support to choose suitable location
  • We can provide an in-depth analysis of the building equipment condition (pipe, vertical transport equipment, electrical equipment and installations)
  • Logistic assistance, advice for an efficient space usage
  • Relocation and setting up of the new site are performed rapidly and in a cost effective manner

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