Windows Thermal Efficiency Calculation

In developed countries (and hopefully soon in Romania, too) windows energy performance is certified by a national authority in the field, thus eliminating unverified and biased performance reports. Window energy performance certification, by means of thermal simulation, is practiced as it is much cheaper than experimental certification methods. Thermal simulation is also used by window manufactures to design new and more energy efficient glazed products.

In the figure below you can see models of some windows thermal efficiency certificates, one released by the National Fenestration Rating Council of USA and the other by British Fenestration Rating Council of UK.



Models of national agreed windows thermal efficiency certificates: a) USA, b) UK

In windows assessment, we use CEN method based on European standards: EN ISO 10077-1:2006, EN ISO 10077-2:2012, EN ISO 15099:2003.

In next figure the results of a glazing-frame joint simulation for an efficient window can be seen (wooden frame, triple pane, double low-e, argon filled cavities).



Glazing-frame joint simulation for an efficient window: a) Isothermal lines; b) Isothermal bands, conventional coloring

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