Building Survey & Space Analysis



The Romanian standards on space allocation and usage are ambiguous, so companies have difficulties in making real assessments when buying, renting or moving in new buildings. Vegra helps these companies by providing measurers, drawings and analysis according to different international standards required: USA – BOMA, UK, Germany – DIN 277, Belgium – Code of measuring practice (BACS), Netherlands – NEN 2580.

Our services for Building Survey & Space Analysis include:

On site building measurements concerning  space norms

AutoCAD drawings generation based on measurements – as built drawings

  • Departmental occupancy CAD plans and reports
  • Equipment, furniture and LVA inventory, put in the occupancy CAD plans and reports generation
  • Measurement Certificates for office buildings, residential and industrial buildings
  • CAD plans drawings reports about spaces

Space analysis includes space measuring inside the building, AutoCAD drawings based on measurements, space plan CAD drawings, analysis reports space generation . As input data, we can use also scanned files, hand sketches, pictures from locations, or existing 2D drawings and generate drawings in any international standard for various types of buildings: such as office buildings, industrial buildings, recreation buildings and residential ones.
For example, we can generate Measurement Certificates according to NEN 2580 specifications.

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