Building Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), Energy Audits and Consulting

VEGRA Info Ltd. provides services of building energy performance certification, energy auditing and consulting, related to energy efficiency in buildings.

Certifying building energy performance is a worldwide spread trend today.

Numerous national governments have enforced new building codes for more energy efficient buildings as there is a real potential to reduce considerably the amount of energy required by buildings. Such actions are the result of current concerns related to national energy security issues and worries about global warming.

Imposing building energy certification, Romania follows other European countries that have already adopted new legislation in the field in order to conform to the European 2010 Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

In Romania, both domestic and non-domestic buildings’ energy performance is rated using an asset rating method that assumes some building occupation and operating standard conditions (The relevant document is the Building Energy Performance Calculation Methodology (Mc 001/1,2,3-2006 si MC 001/4,5-2009).

To rate a building, a comparison is made with the associated “reference building”.

In addition to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of the building, a building energy audit produces energy ratings for several improved variants of the respective building. An evaluation of the investment cost and ROI for each improved variant is also performed.

A proactive evaluation of building energy performance in the early stage of the building design process represents the radical solution for the buildings of the future.

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