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The information from a hard copy archive, by Internet remote access was the subject of a project finalized in 2014 by Vegra Info’s CAD department at a very big Mall in Bucharest.


The challenge was as big as the volume of documents and work emplied, about 130,000 pages and there was a big heterogeneity of information: a lot of drawings in big formats, such as A0, A1, A2 and A3 were inserted among the A4 contract-pages and A5 receipts, fiscal papers and so on.

The process consisted in scanning each box with documents using different scan devices corresponding to the various paper sizes. Then, the papers were put in the same order as before scanning and all digital files resulted were assembled exactly in the same order as the hardcopy documents in the initial box.

The team managed to scan and assemble all the papers in 5 weeks and during the last phase a very strict checking of the result was made. This final phase took 3 weeks and consisted in 3 checking protocols: consistency, front/back pages and big-drawings position among A4 formats.


The digital files resulted after scanning are pdf files, that can be easily opened with Adobe Acrobat. Each box provided has a correspondent pdf file and for each pdf file a record into an Oracle Database with 5 indexing fields was generated. As you must have already imagined, there was an integrator application that managed the whole Virtual Archive and the access possible to the files via Internet with a Login protocol, for any number of users.



This solution leads to a very fast identification of a document if the user has some general information about it, for example if they know from what area of the Mall the document they are looking for is about , or what the supplier of that document is. One can use multiple searching-keys in the same time, so the result is more accurate.


After the user finds the file, they can just click on the file and visualize the whole content of the file.

See you soon,

Florian Nitu Sorel

Project Manager DB/GIS


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