Trivire Project

Hallo allemaal, My journey with RPS started in 2007. Since then we have managed to take in some extremely difficult challenges and transformed them into beautiful working relationships. I believe that we have such an extraordinary chemistry that makes the distance between us seem like being part of the same department. An enlightenment_experience for me was meeting the wonderful people that makes all the good things happen in the Drawing Department for RPS, in 2011 in Rotterdam  . PR 311201 Address_Page_1 Beside Hans and Nick, which I had already the pleasure of meeting in Bucharest, I was extremely excited to encounter the “columns”  that support the Drawing Department like: Carlo, Wouter, Angelle and of course Roy. I was extremely pleased to discover such fun and enjoyable people who take every challenge with great consideration and  high professionalism. In my opinion this was a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship between us and take it to a higher level of excellence.

Trivire Project General request : 2D representations for residential housing and apartments Type3A2-1s_CL472102_VERHPLATT_999 Type3A2-1s_CL472102_VERHPLATT_003 (1) Type3A2-1s_CL472102_VERHPLATT_999 Type3A2-1s_CL472102_VERHPLATT_001 (1) High challenge demand for RPS-Vegra:

  • All drawings must follow Standard Trivire protocol.
  • Clarify all specifications in a very short term.
  • Making a pilot project approved by Trivire.
  • Making a technology for AutoCAD to implement efficiently all object representation from Alpha Nextgen software used by Trivire.
  • Dealing with various input files, being constrained by a short deadline.

From start till finish, October 2011/August 2012, RPS-Vegra managed to digitized close to 1000 unit types from over 50 site locations. This project was made efficiently and in time due to the special relationship between RPS and Vegra on all levels.

Till next time, Sorin Savin Project Manager CAD Poza Savin sorin

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