Measurement of the retail area for Winmark project

Vegra Info supplied information regarding rent and vacant spaces for a big chain of retail from Romania.

This service consisted in the measurement of the retail area of 16 buildings owned by Winmarkt Romania. Measurements were carried out using teams of 2 operators that were distributed on site in a specific location according a plan set-up by a project manager.

Starting from the result of this pilot phase but also from some existing documents and plans of the building a core-team from the office , made of AutoCAD specialized operators, put together drawings for each floor. This team used special technologies, tools, menus, layers and block libraries gathered during the “in site”  measurement phase.

A special attention was paid to the classification type of spaces according to client’s requested. So there were a first classification in: rent and vacant spaces and on the other hand, after utility in: retail spaces, transportation spaces, storage spaces and owner spaces. Each drawing corresponded to a floor-plan which had a rapport for each of the categories of space with aria supplied.



Our client has a Space Management specialized software with access to the drawings we supplied and also regarding the reported areas. Vegra loaded these pieces of information into an integrate system.


Vegra assured a continuous update for these rental areas for 5 years, after the project was completed. This update consisted of re-measurement of retails area every 6 months. Of course the integrated system was updated each time.

See you soon,

Marian Ghionea




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