GIS Integrated Data Services

The scope of the project  was to collect and integrate various data (already existing or collected from the field) in a telecom network specific GIS. The contract was carried on for a large Romanian operator.

The first stage of the project consisted in taking all the existing information, collected from the given documentation such as XLS and DOC files, hand sketches, draft folders and work performed by third parties. The project began with the analysis of main routes and continued with the analysis of secondary routes up to the end of the network. The result was a Missing Data Report. A systematic survey of network and information on the field was ordered within the local branches of the company. This stage solved the lack of data from all existing documentation.

A specific requirement of the project was to capture data related to the distribution tubes and cables in all the tubes along each route and tranche’s position from surface. The data was necessary for network maintenance operations. Field survey operations have been executed in underground utility boxes (UUB), consisting in sketches and GPS coordinates taken for each UUB.

A CAD model was developed in order to easily migrate the data into the integrated environment preferred by the Telecom company. AutoCAD was used for the construction of the model, using blocks with attributes and extended data for information storage.

Nodal analysis methods specific to AutoCAD Map 3D environment were used to reproduce the signal path between different network nodes. A professional soft-developer assisted in developing routines that were later used to effectively migrate data from AutoCAD to Smallworld.

Regarding the complexity of the network representation, cables contained a micro-coatings matrix which were placed in a matrix of tubes in the underground trench network. The project included also a representation of all fiber connections in telephonic-centrals (HUB), terminal-enclosures and capillary-devices of the network.

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