Point cloud to 2D/3D model

  • 2D/3D processing clouds of points using paper scans(2D as built drawings), pictures, Google Street View
  • Revit BIM 3D, display and manipulation of the digitized structure
  • Longitudinal profiles or 2D plan views for any elevation required

Processing point clouds allows us to create 2D/3D drawings of building facades or large site plan areas with all components displayed. This method uses laser scanners, which acquire thousands of points over the field of view in a very short period of time. When several scans are merged, the resulting 3D point cloud gives a detailed, usable 3D model of the object’s surface.

Often poorly understood and interpreted, the cloud of points is a formidable tool for the 3D visualization and manipulation of equipment or structures. In some cases, this solution will obviate the need for modeling, which is often a costly operation.
An example of such projects, deployed by Vegra, was to fully convert scan paper data of railroad stations into 2D drawings, with all their components.

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