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It is a common fact that each new feature in a software is assimilated by users with a performance drop. And there are so many proves…like PAN or 3DORBIT. Or “disappearing” of the Arial View (it’s still there, but only for “connoisseurs”; a user must type the whole “.DSVIEWER” to have back this nice tool).

But what you can do now easier or even more, easier and faster? And I mean better than before.

Let say you want to move all entities from a layer into another existent layer. 15 years ago you have to make a filter to select entities on source layer, change them to destination layer, change current layer and delete the old layer. Now you may type LAYMGR and do all above in one single step.

Path Arrays? It is something you did before using MEASURE command. Now you do not have to create a block and also you can preview it and edit the array whenever you like and have only one entity and not hundreds or more…


What you say about parametric 2D drawing? Parametric was a taboo word for 2d AutoCAD users before 2010. Not anymore, now you can constraint 2D entities like in a sketch in a 3D parametric software. Try geometric and dimensional constraints and you can keep under control your 2D.



Before you never know how a layout looks if not open it. Now a tabbed interface let you hover through layout previews and switch to the desired one. File tabs allows you to move easier and faster than ever between open drawings, model and layouts, or to create new ones.


You have now support for Geographic Location. That means the all new Autodesk Live Maps, correct real-world locations, scale and orientation in one simple search… (No other computations and measurements).

Geo Location


And there are many other enhancements. Which one to add here? You can use FILLET to close an open polyline, insert and manipulate point clouds, delete duplicate objects with OVERKILL, use PDF files.

Finally, now you have TABLES. And many more, just to have a continuation of this article.

Till next time,

Sorin Savin

Project Manager BIM-Revit