Sometimes a small step is nothing else than a small step. Other times size don’t matter. Did AutoCAD 2015 convinced me? It has some small changes and only a few new features. Is there a tiny new thing capable to save the day? Let’s see!


We have a new UI. A full of greys stylish one, like a Sin City theme. Start page is friendly and with more options than before: open, create, learn or connect. I can say this UI is one of the best in AutoCAD history and I’m enjoying it. Is more out there?


With only two mouse clicks you can define a window or a crossing polygon selection. What can you do with a single click? A Lasso! Just click, hold and drag to select using a nice window or crossing




Lasso, with more options raised with Space bar. This is indeed a very nice new tool with a nice future.


Users wanted for a long time to pick blocks and insert from a look-like-library, without any development or customization. They will be pleased now to use a visual gallery of existing blocks.




In my last article I presented a big step forward of AutoCAD in managing maps: Geographic Location. AutoCAD 2015 makes a new step in this direction and you can now capture the map and print it, but also you can manipulate it like any other image.



Point clouds handling suffers some changes, making easier to control visually and identify, classify and colorize objects. Along with ReCAP you can now manage point clouds in a matter not possible a few years ago. For sure this is an area which will evolve in next years.



These are not all enhancements found in this edition. There are improvements in MTEXT entities, like auto bulleting and numbering, but also in Model Space Viewports control. But I want to finish with command preview, which is a nice visual tool. You can preview results of a TRIM, EXTEND, BREAK or even MATCHPROP before selecting objects. This can be very helpful sometimes.

Are all these enough to make AutoCAD 2015 worth it? It is quite hard to give a straight answer. For me is a better 2014 edition opening roads for the 2016 edition.

Till next time,

Sorin Savin

Project Manager BIM-Revit