Building Energy Performance Assessment Services

Certifying building energy performance, that includes a note and an energy class associated to the building, is a worldwide spread trend today.

Imposing building energy certification, Romania follows other European countries that have already adopted new legislation in the field, in order to conform to the European 2010 Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

In addition to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of the building, a building energy audit produces energy ratings for several improved variants of the respective building. An evaluation of the investment cost and ROI for each improved variant is also performed.

According to law 372/2005, republished in 2016:

  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) must be developed for the buildings that are built, rent, undergo major renovation and for the buildings owned or managed by public authorities or public services
  • Buildings owned or managed by public authorities or public services buildings having a usable area larger than 250 sqm require EPC display.


  • Building energy performance certification can be offered in services package, including building survey and space analysis
  • Building energy audit offers solutions for building energy performance increasing Thermal comfort assessment and methods for its improvement 
  • Thermal bridge calculation for any kind of construction detail
  • Windows thermal efficiency calculation and determining the optimal position for mounting into wall

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