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Microfilm and paper archive transformed into a WEB library

Our company was involved a few years ago in 2 projects for a big mechanical group company with many factories all over the world. They needed us to come up with a WEB library of mechanical parts that could be accessed in any of their centers. There were 2 source-types... read more

Sample of BIM project

The challenge here was to create an augmented reality of a little park, suggesting not only the way it will look when filled with flowers and trees species but also a forecast of the same park in 6 months time. And, to “simplify” things, this walkthrough had to... read more

“Depth” Electronic Archive

Electronic archiving is a pretty common process nowadays. We all want our documents to be a click away, even to be accessed wherever internet is available. It is not only about information accessibility, quite a common thing for people today, but it is also about the... read more

Flow Simulation Solutions in Green Building

The demands for sustainable buildings are increasing so the design goals are diversified. Nowadays engineers use renewable resources, reduce loads and boost efficiency to create products with superior performance. Fluid dynamics simulations, using a 3D building model,... read more

Feel the LOD of BIM

First question, is LOD the Level of Detail or Level of Development? Accepted terminology is “level of development” (and not only in AIA E202 BIM Protocol Exhibit). Anyway, there is a great difference between development and detail, like between quality and quantity of... read more

Y Generation in Space Planning

Technology + Ambiance + Atmosphere + Environment = Creativity and Productivity  = SSP (Smart Space Planning)   Y Generation or the Millennials are the young people born between 1980 and 2000. As time goes by, not only generations change, but also workspace... read more


As GIS professionals we recommend you to use the newest technologies, but to be honest this isn’t always the easiest way to go. Our team has tested some new methods and concluded that surveyors depend on a variety of software and technology to gather existing... read more


It is a common fact that each new feature in a software is assimilated by users with a performance drop. And there are so many proves…like PAN or 3DORBIT. Or “disappearing” of the Arial View (it’s still there, but only for “connoisseurs”; a user must type the whole... read more